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Dock Layout for React Component

Popup panel as new browser window

Dark Theme



import DockLayout from 'rc-dock'
import "rc-dock/dist/rc-dock.css";


defaultLayout = {
  dockbox: {
    mode: 'horizontal',
    children: [
        tabs: [
          {id: 'tab1', title: 'tab1', content: <div>Hello World</div>}

render() {
  return (
        position: "absolute",
        left: 10,
        top: 10,
        right: 10,
        bottom: 10,


LayoutData 🗎

Property Type Comments Default
dockbox BoxData main dock box empty BoxData
floatbox BoxData main float box, children can only be PanelData empty BoxData

BoxData 🗎

a box is the layout element that contains other boxes or panels

Property Type Comments Default
mode 'horizontal' | 'vertical' | 'float' layout mode of the box
children (BoxData | PanelData)[] children boxes or panels required

PanelData 🗎

a panel is a visiaul container with tabs button in the title bar

Property Type Comments Default
tabs TabData[] children tabs required
panelLock PanelLock addition information of a panel, this prevents the panel from being removed when there is no tab inside, a locked panel can not be moved to float layer either

TabData 🗎

Property Type Comments Default
id string unique id required
title string | ReactElement tab title required
content ReactElement | (tab: TabData) => ReactElement tab content required
closable bool whether tab can be closed false
group string tabs with different tab group can not be put in same panel, more options for the group can be defined as TabGroup in DefaultLayout.groups

DockLayout API

get the ref of the DockLayout component to use the following API

saveLayout 🗎

save layout

saveLayout(): SavedLayout 

loadLayout 🗎

load layout

 loadLayout(savedLayout: SavedLayout): void

dockMove 🗎

move a tab or a panel, if source is already in the layout, you can use the find method to get it with id first

dockMove(source: TabData | PanelData, target: string | TabData | PanelData | BoxData, direction: DropDirection): void;

find 🗎

find PanelData or TabData by id

find(id: string): PanelData | TabData;

updateTab 🗎

update a tab with new TabData

returns false if the tab is not found

updateTab(id: string, newTab: TabData): boolean;

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