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Interface PanelData

a panel is a visiaul container with tabs button in the title bar




Optional activeId

activeId: string

The id of current tab

Optional group

group: string

if group is undefined, it will be set to the group name of first tab

Optional h

h: number

float mode only

Optional heightFlex

heightFlex: number

Optional id

id: string

id will be auto generated if it's undefined

Optional minHeight

minHeight: number

Optional minWidth

minWidth: number

Optional panelLock

panelLock: PanelLock

addition information of a panel, This prevents the panel from being removed when there is no tab inside a locked panel can not be moved to float layer either

Optional parent

parent: BoxData

Optional size

size: number

The size in dock box, width when in horizontal layout and height when in vertical layout


tabs: TabData[]

Optional w

w: number

float mode only

Optional widthFlex

widthFlex: number

Optional x

x: number

float mode only

Optional y

y: number

float mode only

Optional z

z: number

float mode only

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